Used Oil & Used Antifreeze Recycling Services

Environmental Specialists, Inc. collects, processes, and recycles used oil, used oil filters, and used antifreeze from over 3,000 different automotive and industrial used oil generators. Scheduled pick-ups are routinely performed to help keep your business productive and prevent costly spills at your facility. We can also respond to on-call service requests within 24 hours, or the same day. Used oil and used antifreeze pick-ups are provided from one of our 4,000 gallon used oil collection trucks for bulked materials, or from one of our route service box trucks for drummed materials.

Environmental Specialists Processes & Treats Used Oil & Oily Waters

The used oils collected are analyzed, treated, and blended into a “specification fuel” by means of thermal, chemical, and mechanical processes. The used oils are carefully monitored to meet the analytical parameters set forth by local, state and federal regulations. The processing and treatment of used oils and oily waters are performed at our Youngstown, Ohio Recycling Facility. Used oils recovered from this operation are sold to the end user markets for energy recovery, or re-refined into high quality base oils. Used oil filters are drained and used for the metal recycling industry. Used antifreeze is bulked at our processing facility for shipment to a specialized glycol recycler which has passed our rigorous audit and approval process.

Used Antifreeze, Oil, and Filter Recycling
Environmental Specialists, Inc. - Used Oil Recycling Truck

Green Choice Benefits

Green Choice
  • Used Oil Recycling for Alternative Fuels
  • Used Oil Re-Refining for Base Lube Oils
  • Recycling of Spent Antifreeze for Glycol based products
  • Used Oil Filter Recycling for recycling of oils and metals
  • Oily Waters and Industrial Coolants are processed for used oils