Used Oil Fuel Sales & Used Oil Re-Refining

Environmental Specialists, Inc. produces a high quality used oil fuel for use in industrial burners. Used oil fuel can save companies from paying higher energy costs for virgin oils and natural gas. The use of used oil as an alternative fuel can also help to save our valuable energy resources for tomorrow. Every load of used oil fuel is tested and analyzed to meet or exceed the Federal Used Oil Guidelines “Specification Used Oil” as listed in CFR Part 279.11. Environmental Specialists, Inc. can also assure your business that we will provide a regular scheduled delivery that meets your company’s operational requirements.

Environmental Specialists, Inc. also supplies used motor oils for the re-refining process. Used motor oils are re-refined into base lube stocks for blending of various lubricating oils. Re-refining greatly reduces our dependency on crude oils for manufacturing lubricating oils.

For current market pricing and to discuss your oil specification requirements, please call: 1-888-331-3443.

Environmental Specialists, Inc. Fuel Truck

Green Choice Benefits

Green Choice
  • Used Oil Recycling for Alternative Fuels
  • Used Oil Re-Refining for Base Lube Oils