Parts Cleaning Equipment & Services

Environmental Specialists, Inc. offers the most versatile line of parts cleaning equipment available. Whether your parts are small or large, heavily or lightly soiled, we have the right parts cleaner or cleaning system to meet your application requirements.

Solvent Based Degreasing

Mineral spirits has proven itself time and time again to be the most effective degreasing solvent commonly used in parts cleaning systems. Coupled with our “Continued Use Program”, our solvent based parts cleaning services offer you the safest, most environmentally friendly, and cost effective way to clean your parts. If one of our six standard units fails to meet your needs, you can browse through our catalogue and select from more than 15 additional parts washers. We can even engineer a unit to your exact specifications.

Water Based Degreasing

If you prefer water base technology, together with our chemistry and equipment, we have the perfect system for your cleaning application. Our custom formulated water based degreasers are chemically engineered to provide you with a safe and efficient method to clean parts.

Our water based cleaning units are available in many different styles: simple sink on a drum units, vat units, top and front loading spray units, and inline automated production units. These units are available with a variety of options which may include: oil skimmers, thermostatic controls, low water shut off, turntables and more.

Our First Class Service

Whether you rent or purchase one of our units, or you already own your parts cleaning equipment, we will provide you with the most economical and dependable services available. Our highly trained service technicians will arrive promptly at your facility, remove the spent cleaning agent from your equipment, clean it inside and out, and replenish the unit with the appropriate degreaser. In addition, we will make any necessary repairs to your equipment.

*Equipment repairs apply to ESI owned rental units or service contracted customer owned units only.

Standard Units

Green Choice Benefits

Green Choice
  • Spent Petroleum Solvents can be shipped from a generators site as a product commodity for Re-Use and Continuous Re-Use
  • Eliminating the requirement of Hazardous Waste Manifests & Reporting
  • Petroleum Based Solvent Recycling
  • Contaminated fluids from water based parts cleaning systems are Waste Water Treated for used oils, and kept from city sewers